Market research and analysis of etihad airways

The sampling shall be judgmental where the various job categories shall be allocated numbers commensurate with their relative numbers in the organization. Secondary data presents the challenge of incompatibility where the information provided does not fit into the research objectives as outlined.

The research shall therefore seek to answer the following questions: By application type, the market can be segregated as airliner, cargo aircraft, executive jet, helicopter, and others.

This study seeks to identify the measures taken by Etihad airways in ensuring their employees are motivated as well as the impact of the measures taken.

Literature Review The research topic touches on the importance of the various factors at work environments that contribute to employee motivation and their subsequent impact on employee productivity. The main service offered by Etihad is provision of commercial flight services. These five distinguished theorists were instrumental in the development of several theories relating to employee motivation.

Analysis of the Etihad Airways

In addition, trays are fitted in seats for eating and reading purpose. The business environment and the socio-cultural changes taking place in the face of rapid globalization have rendered the business environment so dynamic that information is rapidly being rendered unreliable if not updated in a timely manner.

This diagnosis is not meant to absolve Etihad of responsibility entirely ultimately they threw good money after badbut rather to contextualize why they were doomed to failure from the start. The lack of familiarity with the research may lead to reluctance to release information on the innermost feelings of the employees hence there is danger of the study leading to misleading conclusions.

The Threat of New Entrants: With UAE and its Asiatic opposite numbers progressing at a growing rate better than elsewhere, there is a immense likelihood that new commercial air hose companies would open in sometime.

Besides, the company can increase inbound vacations to Abu Dhabi by which would do it the lone participant in the industry. The right of respondents to abstain from various questions of the survey must also be respected. The business has have scored In every organization, the question of employee motivation comes to the fore from time to time.

The business's accolades know no bounds after having gained the 'World Leading Air travel' Prize in the year by the earth Travel Prizes. Tell us what you need to have done now!

Market Research And Research Etihad Airways Marketing Essay

This theory adopts the formula:Etihad Airways (Etihad or ‘the company’) is a national airline of the UAE and provides air passenger transportation and cargo services. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the. Etihad Airways is associated with the aviation industry and is ranked at the second position in UAE and third in the Middle-Eastern is UAE’s Flag Carrier and was founded in the year Etihad guarantees fast travelling with smooth, excellent and comfortable experience.

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Task: Marketing Plan Analysis – Research Project Title: Etihad Airways - Marketing Plan Date: 20th November Company Background Etihad Airways is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, as well as carrier of the Abu Dhabi region.

Industry Competitor Analysis - Emirates vs. Etihad.

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Hence the rivalry is very fierce and more marketing research on Etihad Airways is Documents Similar To Industry Competitor Analysis - Emirates vs. Etihad. Swot of Emirates Airlines.

Uploaded by. smba Emirates Airlines Ppt.5/5(4). As we have seen in the old analysis, the direct rivals of Etihad Airways are Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Qatar airways, Gulf Air and Oman Air Airlines in UAE and other Middle East parts.

Etihad Airways SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Market Research And Research Etihad Airways Marketing Essay Having been regarded as the national airlines of the country, Etihad Airways stands tall as the leading airline company in UAE since its establishment by Royal Decree in Abu Dhabi in the entire year

Market research and analysis of etihad airways
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