The fall of the french monarchy

Overtly, the king despite his earlier attempt to escape Paris during the flight to Varennes had embraced the newly codified constitution. The Catholic Church lost all its lands and buildings during the Revolution, and these were sold off or came under the control of local governments.

However, France was very slow to industrialize, and much of the work remained drudgery without machinery or technology to help. Everv citizen has a right to participate personally, or through his representative, in its formation.

As per the King's orders, the Swiss troops had retired into the interior of the building, and the defense of the courtyard had been left to the National Guard. Between six and seven in the morning this farcical situation was brought to an end.

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By this means he put the idea of deposing the King into the minds of the public. On the other hand, he understood the weakness of the Habsburg monarchy. This glorious day must amaze our enemies, and finally usher in for us the triumph of justice and liberty. The Girondins desired war in the hope that it would enable them to abolish monarchy altogether.

All the citizens have a right to decide, either personally or by their representatives, as to the necessity of the public contribution; to grant this freely; to know to what uses it is put: But foreign affairs were at this time the most critical.

His refusal united all the Jacobins in the project of overturning the monarchy by force. It had the opposite effect of inflaming the Parisians and of proving the collusion between the monarchy and the enemy.

The Fall of the French Monarchy: Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the baron de Breteuil

The King vetoed the decrees and dismissed Girondists from the Ministry. The reign of Louis XIV was so long that he outlived both his son and eldest grandson. Moreover, the Commune itself was little more than "a sort of federal parliament in a federal republic of 48 states".

They had always disliked and distrusted Lafayette and the Feuillants, and now preferred to rest their hopes of deliverance on the foreigners. Thanks to this method, Janinet became the prime interpreter of fashionable painters like Boucher b. With nothing for most of the average and even many noble French to gain from this battle, which some could says was based in pride—to being won out by the British—this was the last straw.

House of Bourbon

Prussia declared war against France, and the Duke of Brunswick was chosen to command the allied forces, but various causes delayed action. All the regular troops in or near Paris were sent to the front. Within this body soon appeared a secret committee of five members.

The French troops marched to Madrid and then to Cadizousting the Liberals with little fighting April to Septemberand would remain in Spain for five years. A few of the assailants advanced amicably, and the Swiss threw some cartridges from the windows as a token of peace.

It was short-lived, counting only two monarchs, Louis and Charlesas Napoleon annexed Etruria in In she was linked to a cardinal in a nasty scandal over a gift of a diamond necklace. As the country underwent a Christian revival in the post- Revolutionary years, the ultras worked to raise the status of the Roman Catholic Church once more.

The Left consisted of about Jacobinsa term which still included the now-emergent party afterwards known as the Girondins or Girondists — so termed because several of their leaders came from the region of the Gironde in southern France. Bishops, priests, nuns and other religious people were paid salaries by the state.

The Fall of the French Monarchy

The elections to the Convention were by almost universal suffrage, but indifference or intimidation reduced the voters to a small number. But there was no mutual confidence between the sovereigns, who were at that very time pursuing opposite policies with regard to Poland.Recognizing that political power lay in cultural superiority, and assisted by his minister, Colbert (Controller General of the Finances, –), Louis XIV (–) initiated an all-encompassing cultural program designed to glorify the monarchy in his person.

Essay on The Fall of the French Monarchy Words 9 Pages The revolution resulted, among other things, in the overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy in France and in.

The Insurrection of 10 August was a defining event of the French storming of the Tuileries Palace by the National Guard of the Paris Commune and fédérés from Marseille and Brittany caused the fall of the French monarchy.

Insurrection of 10 August 1792

King Louis XVI and the royal family took shelter with the suspended Legislative formal end of the monarchy occurred six weeks later as one. Munro Price has meticulously researched the mood, atmosphere and personalities behind the palace walls.

At the heart of this research is a cache of letters that sheds new light on the lives of the royals, as the monarchy was gradually stripped of its power and revolutionary fervour called for their execution.

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The fall of the french monarchy
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