Zener diodes

For a regular diode, we would say that the diode has failed if it begins to conduct current in that direction. Suppose we were building some kind of circuit which could not tolerate variations in power supply voltage, but needed to be powered by a chemical battery, whose voltage changes over its lifetime.

The voltage also depends upon the temperature. We could form a circuit Zener diodes shown above and connect the circuit requiring steady voltage across the diode, where it would receive an unchanging 0.

This can provide a symmetric limit on the excursion of a signal from ground, for example. When the Zener diode stops conducting current, it can no Zener diodes regulate voltage, and the load voltage will fall below the regulation point.

Zener diodes are manufactured in standard voltage ratings listed in Table below. Construction[ edit ] The Zener diode's operation depends on the heavy doping of its p-n junction. The input voltage appearing across the output terminals. Diodes usually come in glass or plastic cylindrical packages, marked with a stripe on one side to indicate polarity.

The basic circuit looks like this: First, the input voltage has to be higher than the Zener voltage. The current through the Zener diode will change in order to keep the voltage within the threshold limits of Zener action and the maximum power that it can dissipate.

What Are Zener Diodes?

Several different junction structures are used. The actual physics of what happens at breakdown is quite interesting; two separate effects, the Zener effect and Avalanche breakdown both contribute to this behavior. What it is supposed to do is maintain Total destruction of the Zener junction by overheating it and causing migration of metallization across the junction "spiking" can be used intentionally as a 'Zener zap' antifuse.

The Zener diodes conduct a large current is, when the input voltage Vin is more than the Zener Voltage Vz.

Zener diode

The schematic symbol for a Zener diode is shown above— it is very similar to that of a regular diode, but with bent edges on the bar. At the atomic scale, this tunnelling corresponds to Zener diodes transport of valence band electrons into the empty conduction band states; as a result of the reduced barrier between these bands and high electric fields that are induced due to the relatively high levels of doping on both sides.

Zener diodes regulate voltage by acting as complementary loads, drawing more or less current as necessary to ensure a constant voltage drop across the load.

For instance, in our example above bif we had ten diodes in series, the regulated voltage would be ten times 0.Tell us what product you were looking for and couldn't find.

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download agreement. important - read before downloading, copying, installing, or using. do not download, copy, install, or use this content until you (the "licensee"). Normal diodes will also break down with a reverse voltage but the voltage and sharpness of the knee are not as well defined as for a Zener diode.

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Also normal diodes are not designed to operate in the breakdown region, but Zener diodes can reliably operate in this region.

Zener diodes are designed in a way where the Zener voltage is a much lower value. There is a controlled breakdown which does not damage the diode when a reverse current above the Zener voltage passes through a Zener diode.

However, the Zener Diode or “Breakdown Diode”, as they are sometimes referred too, are basically the same as the standard PN junction diode but they are specially designed to have a low and specified Reverse Breakdown Voltage which takes advantage of any reverse voltage applied to it.

Zener diodes
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